Welcome to our home on the web.  When this site was started, the word "blog" was not common place.  I created pages in Netscape Composer that had "updates" about our family, or pages of pictures to share (which I now do on Facebook.)  My first foray into blogging was also done on a page I created on my own instead of blogging software that frankly scared me and seemed foreign somehow.  Recently we have streamlined the links below to only include our current blog (the first link), the "blog" pages I made on my own, and other pages that contained "updates."  All pages that simply had pictures have been removed, but remain in my heart and in a folder where I can revisit it for nostalgia.  It's hard to believe my oldest links are now over 10 years old! I am keeping the original background of this main page, and its archaic use of tables and html and because I worked so hard on it at the time, and it brings fond memories back to me. Thank you for letting me share my special moments and memories with you!