Happy Birthday, Zach!

Zach is 21.  I can’t believe it. Because yesterday I was 21 myself.  Time plays tricks on you. I’m trying to be better at enjoying the minute I am in, because I can’t get it back again. Some minutes are easier than others.

Zach was born at 4:05pm.  I was watching Oprah and it was helping me concentrate.  Then it turned to Star Trek, so that last 5 minutes were pretty awful. (Of course, the ring of fire thing didn’t help!)

Anyway, Zach is a great kid. And man, of course.  I just appreciate him so much, and I don’t think I can express how. He changed me. He changed my life and made it better. I got my first glimpses of what pure love and joy look like. And he was so easy.  He is still easy. We’ve never had an argument. I won’t say he’s perfect, he’s not. He’s learned some important life lessons in the last couple of years but they’ve only strengthened him.

These are the last three pictures I have of him.  Look at him, willing to dye eggs, find a basket, and cuddle with his sister.  He’s so GOOD.  And I am grateful he is mine.


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