Time to Party!

We had Iris’s First birthday party and it was so much fun. We had over 50 people here to celebrate. It was too chilly to make it a fun outdoor party like my summer babies, but it was fine nonetheless.

I considered taking photos and making them smaller (my camera eats up huge chunks for space with big files!) so instead I am post a link to my Facebook album here. Enjoy!

Also, today is Mark’s birthday. I am so tired from the party that I can’t give him the attention he deserves as far as a birthday cake, but we’ll make him a special dinner and get him a few small gifts and call it good enough. He’s all in on that plan too, thank goodness! Dylan will also be getting an abbreviated birthday on the 30th. He wants to go to Feed My Starving Children (they pack food for developing countries, and it’s a really noble way to spend a birthday!) but I need to get on vacation planning because we leave in just one month! Yikes!

Also, here is the final Foede Siblings comparison picture. All monthly comparisons can be found HERE.


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