I found a video I love, on the effects of bullying.

My favorite line is, “…that she’s raising two kids whose definition of beauty begins with the word mom because they see her heart before they see her skin that she’s only ever always been amazing.” It reminds me of when I was younger and didn’t want to have girls. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin that first I was afraid they would look like me, and then I was afraid that they would be beautiful and I’d resent them. In reality I couldn’t find them any more beautiful than they are, and I couldn’t be more proud of them “just” the way they are.

I was bullied a bit in junior high. I was an easy target. My parents were going through a divorce so I was moody and scared and sad, and lets face it probably a bit awkward (who isn’t at 13?) In hindsight I can see that none of those reasons is an excuse for being unkind.  In actuality, I’d like to submit that those were very good reasons to choose to be extra kind to a person.  I am grateful that my children have not faced anything negative of that nature, and I can only hope they are kind to all they come in contact with.

We have to remember to treat each person as kindly as we would if they were having the worst day in their life…because maybe they are: This is a blog post I ran into a couple of years ago that I love!

We Must See Past What it Seems…

I wonder how much kinder this world would be if we could see “signs” hanging from a person’s neck that announced the pain, loss, heartache, or turmoil that people are dealing with. I re-read that post every once in a while, especially if I’ve had a particularly snarky feeling about people (and I can be the only one who looks at a Facebook post and wants to smack someone with a wet noodle here!) and remember that we all have our signs.

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