All-City Choir 2016

Last night we went to the Princeton All-City choir concert. It is where the elementary school, middle school, and high school choirs perform separately and than together at the end. My only complaint would be that each choir gets one song, however the high school choirs get 3 and 4 songs.  TOO MUCH. This was a complaint I had when Gabby was in the high school choirs.  They have their own choir performances on other nights. It’s too long for the younger siblings that often attend to watch the elementary and middle school choirs sing. The one song each, and three songs for the entire group would be perfect and eliminate about half an hour of music. Otherwise it’s a lovely event.

This is one of the group performances. Gabby’s best friend Shiann sings a solo at the beginning, and then the groups sings. We zoom in on Alisa and Dylan during the performance.  The hardest part is finding them in time.  There are so many children singing. It’s awesome! 🙂


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

My maternal grandfather was 1/2 Irish. Which means technically I have some Irish. I used to think it was as easy as saying, “My mom is 1/4 Irish, I am 1/8 Irish, and my kids are 1/16th Irish.” But I read a blog post by a woman who was a fraternal twin and both she and her sister did the 23andMe genetic test. The blogger was a readhead and thought for sure that she’d have more Irish ancestry than her sister, but it turned out that she had less. The point being that genetically it’s not as simple calculating percentages as previously thought. Maybe I am 1/8 Irish, or maybe genes from other nationalities prevailed. I’d like to take that test sometime!

But because we have some Irish, we celebrate a little. I bought a onesie for Iris, and Mark made her a dress (we used a pattern from the nightgown we made a few years ago, altering it to be shorter, taking the buttons from the back and putting them on the straps, and adding a shamrock appliance. He did a great job!

We also have green waffles with whipped cream and green sprinkles for dinner. (I’ll have to add those pictures later, my computer needs a new power source and it is in the mail, so I can’t upload photos right now. That is also why I haven’t been able to do Iris’s 11-month old comparison photos. (I’ve taken them, I just can’t add them to the other kid’s yet. And please pray that it is JUST the power source!)

I do have this picture that Mark put on Facebook though, that he was able to download for me. I still get at least 10 comments every time I go somewhere, and this time of year many of them were, “She must have Irish in her!” That’s why I asked Mark to make the dress. 🙂



11 Months Old!

Today Iris is 11 months.  I simply can’t believe it. (Do all my monthly posts start this way? Probably, but surely they convey my astonishment at how fast the time is flying by.)

Today Iris had another PT appointment. She is doing very well. Not as big a change as last time, but smaller things. Like being more likely to naturally sleep facing left. Or sitting straight in her car seat. The therapist estimated that she is functioning at about a 14 month level for gross and fine motor skills. Go Iris! On the downside of things, she now associates diaper changes with her exercises and hates it, and associates bath time with getting the Kinesio tape oiled up enough to pull it off without pain. She hates that as well. Poor baby! The therapist is having us add a tape over her shoulder to remind her to keep her shoulder down. I have to admit, I believe it is working immediately! I am a believer!

She now says Hi, Hello, Bye, Dada, Go, Ooh!, and signs more, all done, and of course, milk. (She makes a sign when I use the bathroom, but it’s the wrong sign. But it is hard to make the “potty” sign, so I think it’s impressive nonetheless.) She says “mama” when she is mad.  When I ask her to say my name when she is happy, she refuses. Instead, she makes a kissing sound. I’ll take it. And admit, it’s the cutest thing EVER. She still co-sleeps with us, and I still love it!

She seems to be talking a food hiatus right now, preferring nursing to solids.  We keep trying, but pretty soon the nutrients just won’t be enough for her. I also have her car seat picked out, the Safety First Go and Grow Air, I am just waiting for it to go on sale somewhere.

Here are her comparison photos for the month:



Here Comes Peter Cottontail

We took the kids to see the Easter Bunny today. I have NEVER taken one of my kids to the Easter Bunny.  So I thought I better do a “Baby’s first Easter” picture while I could. (Alisa’s teeth are blue because she didn’t want to wait in line and went to the “decorate a sugar cookie” stand instead. Ha!)

bloggy01 bloggy02


Too Soon!

Here is Iris’s “save the date” card.  I have an actual invitation done as well, it’s just awaiting a picture of her in a few weeks.  I decided to delay her party a bit so that *crosses fingers* it’s nice outside. (I waffled a bit on the exact date, but I have it set in stone now. I hope!) I am a bit in awe that we’re at this point already. Didn’t she just arrive yesterday? (Didn’t Zach? And he’s going to be 21!)

Iris is doing great, by the way. She signs “milk” and likes to blow air through the recorder (the instrument.) We’ll see if she tries to blow out a birthday candle when the time comes. When I sign milk to her she walks up to me and pulls my shirt down.  She is starting to get so feisty!



This post by the Mormon Women Stand blog is a pretty good representation of the fear and hate that I couldn’t handle anymore from members of the church. And while I did not run into this in my own ward, it is pervasive enough in the LDS community as a whole that I can’t put my name on it as a stamp of approval any longer.

This woman wouldn’t recognize Christ if He sat next to her wearing a sign.

Please, go “like” a friend or family’s picture that shows love and joy and happiness with their partner. This may surprise you, but they are well aware of your opinion and your church’s opinion on their relationship. A “like” won’t be misconstrued as an endorsement. It will more simply seen as a gesture of love or friendship.

As an aside, the creator of the MWS blog has a gay daughter. The blog hits hardest on LGBT topics (clearly the most crucial thing God worries about, above genocide, starvation, bigotry, misogyny, racism, murder, rape, homelessness, and whether or not you drink coffee.) I think it’s a personal issue, and I feel for the daughter.


We are at the stage where I wish I could wrap either the entire house or the entire baby in bubble wrap to make her safe. Her little feet are much faster than her little head, not to mention she thinks things on the floor (and, you know, table corners and wall edges) will move for her. My heart hurts over the bumps and bruises Iris has gotten this week. However, on occasion, she says, “uh-oh” after the minor falls, which is awfully cute!

Dylan got a picture from a friend. So sweet, but an “uh-oh” of a different variety!



This week is supposed to be beautiful, with weather in the 60s. The kind of week you send kids outside to play as soon as they are from school. Also the kind of week the come running back in because the farmer across the street is spreading manure and, “It really stinks!”


One last uh-oh. I noticed some comments were flagged as spam and I don’t think they aractuallyspam, at least they appear to be germane to the post they commented on. But I don’t know how to unflavored them as spam and approve them!


I think (and hope!) that is all the uh-ohs for the week!


Easter Dresses

I’m trying to find Easter dresses for my girls.

Except two of them don’t want them. Well, probably three if I count Gabby! But I am used to that. What surprised me was the Alisa and Reese have joined with her.
I spend a lot of time finding one that would look good on Iris with her red hair. Then Gabby said I should let Kamea pick first, since Kamea was excited to have a new dress and who cares if red hair clashes? But when I let Kamea pick, she came up with a huge confection of tulle fit for pageants, LOL.  I went back to my first choice AND found a dress that Kamea loved.

Then Alisa and Reese came home from school and I had a bunch of bookmarks ready for them. And it was a “No” after “No” to the question, “Do you like this one?” Reese must have sensed my frustration because finally she said to one of them, “Do you want me to like that one? I will wear it if you want?” And I said, “No, I want you to like something you’ll wear more than once.” (I’ve learned my lesson with Gabby. Sometimes they say “yes” to be easy and then never where it again, haha!) So I asked if they’d be okay to wear a sundress, and then use it as a swimsuit cover-up this summer. Reese said, “I’m really just not a dress person.”

I said, “What about our annual spring pictures, what will you wear? Don’t you care if you are in them?” (I was probably semi-shrieking at this point, heh!) Turns out, no she doesn’t care if she is in them, and certainly not if she is in a pretty dress with curls in her hair.

My new normal. I can live with it, I guess. But I will miss the days of getting the girls in pretty dresses and curling their hair and taking pictures. I think I can convince them to take a picture in pants though, so not all hope is lost!

New Shoes

We got Iris her first pair of shoes.


She was NOT a fan, at one point even trying to bite them off (she bites when she is mad. Once she even grabbed my finger and put it in her mouth to bite it.)


Here is a video of her first walking in the hated shoes. 🙂 (The video is shaky in spots on Firefox, but plays perfectly on other browsers, at least from my computer. I have no idea why!)