Hoppy Easter!

I ran to Coborn’s today, to do some grocery shopping. I had a choice to 2 lines, both being full. Actually, I got out of my line and looked to see if another register was open, but it was ‘closed’ despite its light being on, so I went back to original line. The guy had $275 worth of groceries! The cashier asked him if he had a ham card (get 60-something stamps and get a free ham! Woo hoo!) and he said he already had two free hams and didn’t want another so I said “I’ll take the stamps!” and he said “Yeah, give them to her.” Oddly enough Mark and I were just talking about how we’d only be through about half a card by the time the promotion ended, but because of his 27 stamps, we’ll get a free ham. I guess sometimes it pays to wait in line.

I’ve told the children that once they all read the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, we’d go on a circle tour, including Walnut Grove, MN, De Smet, SD, Mansfield, MO, Pepin, WI, and finally Spring Valley, MN. They are close to being done, and so I began to re-read them (yet again!) to refresh my memory (not that the circle tour is this year.) I decided to do some research that I hadn’t previously thought of, such as whatever became of Laura’s friends. I know that the Ingalls family has no direct decendents, but wasn’t sure about the Wilder family. While doing all this, I learned more about Rose Wilder Lane’s personality. She allegedly was a bitter person, who often bought love or friendship, or her way, and many feel that she had a heavier hand in the ‘editing’ of the books than previously suspected. I do know that the books were fiction, although Laura and Rose denied that to their deaths (speaking of which, I remember learning that Laura died in 1957 and being traumatized that my Mom didn’t remember it!) I read in someone’s graduate thesis that was posted online that if you think about it, in the books Laura’s Ma came across as the gentle disciplinarian, and her Pa was the one that showered her with love. The opposite was true in Almanzo’s family, so that when the two of them married and had Rose, all she had were two people who knew how to discipline and thought that was there role as parents. Rose might have been bitter from growing up in poverty, and some of that stemming from Almanzo, whose father had prosperous farms in Malone, NY and Spring Valley, MN, and then was not able to prove up on his tree-claim in SD, and eventually had to move to MO and took many years to have a farm that paid for itself. Interesting stuff!

We’ve decided to enjoy Mark instead of sending him downstairs to finish the basement, and started a bunch of bids this week. The difference in price is amazing. For hanging sheetrock, mudding, taping, and sanding, and texturing the ceiling, we’ve gotten bids from $1100 up to $5500. I’ve always heard that it’s best to take the middle of the bunch. 🙂

The children are in a talent show on Saturday. I may or may not exhibit some of my photography, invitations, and video montages if my print order comes in. Alisa wants to exhibit her drawings. Ethan and Gabby are doing a ‘helping hands’ comedy act, Gabby is singing a solo, and Zach and I are doing a piano-saxophone duet of a song from Pirates of the Caribbean. We are all geared up for painting eggs on Friday night, and hunting them on Saturday. The Easter Bunny likes to visit on Saturday at our house so we can leave all of Sunday to thinking about the Savior and His atonement.

I’ll update Reese’s page too, but just a little note here, she is getting pretty good at standing and taking steps. I’ll venture to say she’ll be an expert in a month at both. But she will ONLY walk to me. If it’s anyone else, she actually turns around and walks to me anyway! Little stinker!