Healthy, Again! (?)

So I think I had the flu. You know, where you have a high fever and are weak and have the chills and headaches and congestion. It was awful, and at its peak I would have liked to disappear. But, it passed a week ago, and it appears none of the other children contacted it.

Luckily, it didn’t interfere with Mark and me going to the Home and Garden Show. I had a hard time dealing with 6 snow-bound children all week and Mark surprised me by taking the day off of work and taking me to the show. We had a lot of fun and got a lot of ideas about what we’d like to see happen with our home and landscaping. Last fall Mark plotted out our land (unscientifically) and we’ve had fun drawing on copies of it: where we want to put the garden, fruit trees, playground, etc. We can’t wait for spring to start!

One day, while I was in the bathtub, the school district called to ask about Alisabeth. Zach informed me that Ethan and Dylan were yelling in the background and the lady said that we sounded “Busy with kids” or something. That in turn became a fun conversation on what not to say when a person is on the phone with the school district”

“Sorry, you can’t talk to my mom, she’s at the Casino. No, my Dad’s not here either. He’s still in rehab. But that’s okay, because if he knew about Mom’s boyfriend he’d be mad!”

“Dylan, put that knife down!”

“Alisa, get away from the Vodka, you know it makes Mom mad when you drink her stuff.”

“Someone stop Reese from sticking the fork in the outlet”

I thought about the funny thing I wanted to mention about Dylan from the archives. He caught the kissing scene in Harry Potter 5 and said “EW, Yuck!” really loudly. And then as it continued on, he says “That is SO gross!” No idea where that came from.

I think that’s about it for updates. I’ll update Reese’s page with a few small items, but all in all we are happy, healthy, and ready for Spring. I’ll put in a picture of Ethan on his birthday next time. And here is a picture of Reese in curlers. She liked them for all of 2 minutes and then was ‘done’.