As Lent Approaches

I haven’t blogged in a LONG time.  I blogged about Dylan’s birthday, and then two weeks later my world was turned upside down.

Then I got a chance to meet one of my favorite LDS apostles…and wrote a blog.  But right after that my world was turned upside down AGAIN. So the blog piece never got published (I just hit “publish” today!)

And then Mark’s grandma Toots passed away and I thought I’d finally blog about her only to discover that the blog had been hacked (my own fault for not updating software) and thank goodness that my sister was handy enough to not only recover and fix it, but also update the software!)

I didn’t want to share the details of my trials, at that time.  I’m still not sure if I’m going to.  I do know that if I share them, I don’t want to hash them out all over again. If they emerge, I’d prefer that you give me a virtual hug or a virtual smack on the head with a wet noodle if that’s what you think I need, or send up some prayers, but I’m beyond sitting down and discussing them. Let’s just say that people heal in different ways, and one of my ways is not to talk it out.  I recently had lunch with a friend and she asked me how I was doing.  I quickly turned it around on her but minutes later she called me on it and got me talking and it was very healing for me, but VERY difficult.

So, Lent is approaching which means my annual hiatus from Facebook, and the time when my blog gets really busy. (Which reminds me that I also owe my sister-in-law a blog piece about children and reading that she requested on Thanksgiving, and will actually devote time to that!) It also means giving up soda, not flossing, and this year I am adding no sarcasm/snark, but instead being genuine and authentic and kind (keep in mind that kind does not equal “nice” in all circumstances!)  I dabbled with the idea of doing some kind of food/exercise goal but I’m coming off of a 36-hour stomach virus and that seriously swayed my decision.  Being hungry can do that to you!)

I am going to admit to back-dating some blog pieces, however.  I treat this blog as my journal (which is why sometimes you get no filter even though there should be one!) But I want my kids to know the joy I felt on their birthdays and holidays, the tears I felt when I brought them to college, the love, the fear, the exhaustion I felt at various times of my life.  These pieces will pop up when I get to them.  Like maybe tomorrow we’ll have a nice blog piece about Reese’s birthday. 🙂

I’ll miss Facebook though.  I don’t spend a lot of time on my wall or reading the newsfeed, but I have some special groups filled with friends that keep me smiling and sane, and that I will miss! I’m hoping that catching up here will be a cathartic experience for me, and well worth it.  Plus, I really need to give up soda again, and floss more!