Winter Concerts

Ethan and Gabby both had winter concerts.  I unfortunately, didn’t make it to Gabby’s concert, but that’s okay because I will be seeing the same songs in Des Moines where her choir is travelling to perform after being selected from a blind audition throughout 6 states for the NCACDA festival. You can read more about it HERE. (This is specifically a link to the auditioned choirs, other links are along the top.)

I did make it to the All-City choir concert, which isn’t my favorite.  Each choir in the city performs, and then they sing 3 songs all together.  That’s over 600 kids, which is awesome, but the transitions take so long!

Ethan’s performance was at the end of February.  His band did a great job, though someone had a squeaky clarinet. 🙂  I discovered on the program that he is a section leader, which I didn’t know.  Way to go, Ethan!

Gabby also had the chance to perform with the Minnesota Mormon Chorale as part of a special youth choir in February.  They sounded wonderful, and she’s semi-interested in joining the chorale for her senior year.  Semi-interested because life is busy enough and it’s quite a commitment.

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