Happy Valentines Day

I’m not big on Valentines Day.  It feels like a day created to sell cards, flowers, and candy and that one should put more effort in showing love every day.

This year Mark and I decided to go out to eat, as we feel like we need to spend more time putting our relationship first instead of the kids.  And guess what? I hated it! Restaurants are so full on Valentine’s Day.  Last year we had a romantic dinner at home with the kids.  The year before that the kids watched a movie downstairs while I made him dinner.  I think in the end, maybe a combination of two events.  I’d love to avoid the busyness of the restaurants on Valentine’s Day itself, so maybe a family dinner at home, but the next night (or the night before) we can have dinner by ourselves where we don’t feel crowded and stressed.

So, we went to PF Changs, which is yummy but not worth the price in my opinion. (Actually, I think that way about most restaurants, which is probably why I don’t go out to eat very much!) We had the infamous lettuce wraps (and got an extra order because a bus boy took them away when we wanted to bring them home.) And then I had a spicy pineapple chicken meal and Mark had a smokey beef entree. Both of which were delicious (and whose names escape me.)

SO, we’d spent 2 weeks putting up a little heart on each of the kids doors that had a little message about what we loved or appreciated about them.  It was fun for us to do, and I hope the children enjoyed or appreciated it.  To be honest, Mark and I have struggled with are adequacy of parenting lately, as we watch our teens struggle through some hefty things. (It was so much easier to be a perfect parent when the kids were little, and I think I’ll write a post about that some time…) So it was with great relief that when we came home the kids had put little hearts on OUR door.  I don’t think they’ll ever know how much that meant to me, how significant a gesture I found it to be.  So a big thank you to my children!

Oh, and Gabby got a dozen roses from Kyle. So precious, but something I’m not sure I’m ready for!

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